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Testing the Market

Testing the market at an aggressive price can be a multifaceted problem.

Consider the seller who thinks they’ll aim high and who is willing to accept lower offers. The idea of - "I'll put my home on the market at $ 2,000,000 and see what offers I get" - generally generates no offers.

In our market place buyers look at properties that are within a price range they are comfortable with & sometimes a few $1,000 over a price point means that the buyer misses your property’s listing entirely and so can’t even consider the possibility of buying your home.

Houses that are overpriced indicate that the seller is not truly committed to the process.

Houses that are overpriced generally don't sell.

Ask me for a comparable analysis of value for your home. One that compares your property size, amenities and location with others that are on the market and those that have sold recently.

This will indicate the value of your property relative to other similar properties. Armed with this information you would be better positioned to offer your property to the market and succeed in finding a buyer.

Sharon Cranfield

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